V.Ram Manohar / 26 / Male / Vijayawada, India


V.Ram Manohar

He is 26 year-old.

Post Graduate

  • Indian
  • English

Vijayawada, India

V.Ram Manohar is from: Vijayawada, India

…from Anywhere who is comfortable in English.

  • Automobiles
  • Electronic Gadgets
  • Internet


Name V.Ram Manohar
Country India
City Vijayawada
Age 26
Education Post Graduate
Nationality Indian
About Me If you ask me to describe about you after a while, I could say what you are. But being myself till now, I have no clue how to describe what am I?? Well, a soft Hearted Person; with a dirty mind like any other men ;), Loves to spend time on Internet and Video Games. Responsible at times (LOL), tries to fix any broken device and learns new thing in search of how to Fix them. Loves to go for long Drives.

And I’m an Advocate by Profession.

I am Looking for: Not going to make a lengthy list of what i’m looking in my Partner. All i need is a girl who makes me feel like i’m going to spend my life with a friend who makes me forget our pain and support me in every situation.
Interests Well, Can’t describe myself in one word. interested in Automobiles, Electronic Gadgets and Internet to know about things we don’t know about.
Friendship Platform Facebook

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