Pauletta / 18 / Female / Guayaquil, Ecuador



She is 18 year-old.


  • Spanish
  • English

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Paulette is from: Guayaquil, Ecuador

…from Latin American countries.

  • Jogging
  • Watching movies
  • Do it yourself
  • Fashion
Name Pauletta
Country Ecuador
City Guayaquil
Age 18
Education Studying
Nationality Ecuadorian
About Me Hello! I am Paulette. I would like to make new friends here! I hope it is the correct place. I love jogging and many other outdoor stuff. I also do DIY Shirts and socks. I am selling at my father’s shop. I enjoy it very much. I love to spend times with my friends and making new friends.
I am Looking for: I have some plans to visit a Latin American country near soon. So I am looking around for getting a friend from another Latin American country. Central American countries are also included this. Feel free to send me your friendship requests.
Interests Jogging, Watching movies, Do it yourself, Fashion
Friendship Platform WhatsApp and Facebook

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