Gediminas / 24 / Male / Klaipėda, Lithuania



He is 24 year-old.

Šiauliai University, Šiauliai, Lithuania

  • Lithuanian
  • English
  • Russian

Kėdainiai, Lithuania

Gediminas is from: Klaipėda, Lithuania

… female from Asia.

  • Kayaking
  • Water sports
  • Documentaries on vintage cars
  • Space
  • Reading


Name Gediminas
Country Lithuania
City Klaipėda
Age 24
Education Bachelor’s Degree
Nationality Lithuanian
About Me I am Gediminas. I am 24 year-old. I am working in a company in Klaipėda. I am 190 cm and I am athletic. I love to make water sports. Especially I love kayaking. I love Lithuanian beer! We proud of it. I hope I can share it with you!
I am Looking for: I am looking for an Asian girl who is living in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea or Japan. I always wanted to have a relationship with someone from one of those countries. I hope this will help me. If you are open to serious dating and distance relationship please let me know. However other countries of Asia would be very nice too.
Interests Kayaking, Water Sports, Documentaries on Vintage Cars, Space, Reading
Friendship Platform WhatsApp and Facebook

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